Co-presenting the Dutch Reality TV Program "Dat wordt oorlog!". The program illuminates how to create conflict between groups, inspired by (and loosely based on) the Robbers Cave Experiment.

Co-presenting the Dutch Reality TV Program "Dat wordt oorlog!". The program illuminates how to create conflict between groups, inspired by (and loosely based on) the Robbers Cave Experiment.


Dr. Jan-Willem van Prooijen is approachable for media requests. He prefers serious media that are targeted at a broad audience, but is sometimes also willing to respond to other requests. Dr. Van Prooijen can comment on a range of topics that involve human behaviour and social interaction. Examples of topics that Dr. Van Prooijen has commented on in previous requests involve group behaviour (e.g., riots, crowd behaviour, depersonalization, collective panic), reciprocity, altruism, conspiracy beliefs, moral outrage, punishment, and helping in emergency situations.  

TV interviews:

- Regular interviews for “Editie NL” (a Dutch national TV news program) (over 30 interviews within the period 2009 to 2017, about various topics, such as: riots; collective panic at dam square during war memorial; the value of good colleagues; public shaming of perpetrators; higher fines for traffic violations; procedural injustice; and various others)

-  Interview on the psychology of scent for “Koopkracht” (a Dutch consumer program); 14 October 2009

-  Interview about Belief in Conspiracy Theories in “Goedemorgen Nederland” (a live popular breakfast show); 19 January 2010.

- Studio guest Live news program “RTL Nieuws” about rescue mine workers Chile; 12 October 2010.

- Guest in discussion program “Helder” (NTR); item about altruism. (3 November 2010)  link

- Interview “De Wereld Draait Door” (VARA; Ned 3), subtheme by “de Jakhalzen” about societal reactions to threats to the queen. (5 September 2011)   

- Interview “Een vandaag” (TROS / AVRO; Ned 1), about why people take tattoos (5 November 2011)

- Interview “Hallo Nederland” (Omroep MAX; NPO2), about poster of eyes reducing bicycle theft. (19 February 2015).

- Interview “MO Actueel” (NTR Moslimomroep; NPO2), about belief in conspiracy theories. (14 March 2014). Watch HERE 

- Interview “Shownieuws" (SBS6). About receiving criticism from singing contest jury (1 December 2015)

- Interview “Quarks & Co” (WDR Germany). Episode “Wahn oder Wahrheit - was steckt hinter Verschwörungstheorien? ” (about conspiracy beliefs). (28 June 2016). Watch HERE

- Interview EenVandaag (Ned 1), about belief in conspiracy theories. (2 August 2016). Watch HERE

-BNN “dat wordt oorlog!” (2017). Reality TV show loosely based on the Robbers Cave Experiment (4 episodes). Watch the Trailer HERE. Watch the episodes HERE.

- Interview BNN “dat wordt oorlog”-talkshow, after last episode, with all participants. (16 May 2017).

- RTL late night (RTL4). Interview about bystander behavior after an accident. (31 July 2017). Watch a fragment HERE.

- Eenvandaag (NPO1). Interview about conspiracy theorist harassing parents of murder victim (7 August 2017). Watch HERE.

Talkshow after the last episode of "Dat wordt oorlog!".

Talkshow after the last episode of "Dat wordt oorlog!".

Radio interviews:

-  Studio guest Live in “Pavlov” (NTR; Radio 1), item about reciprocity (4 December 2010)

-  Interview “Knooppunt Kranenbarg” (NCRV; Radio 2); item about belief in conspiracy theories (3 May 2011)

-  Live interview “Nu al wakker Nederland” (Radio 1); item about conspiracy beliefs following the death of Osama Bin Laden (4 May 2011)

-  Studio guest Live in “Wekker Wakker” (Omroep MAX, Radio 5 nostalgia); item about conspiracy beliefs (27 December 2011)

-  Interview “Goedemorgen Nederland (KRO, Radio 1). About political preference and conspiracy beliefs (22 May 2013)

-  Interview Radio FUNX. About political preference and conspiracy beliefs (22 May 2013)

- Interview “Knooppunt Kranenbarg”(NCRV; Radio 2). About political preference and conspiracy beliefs (22 May 2013)

- Interview and debate “Dichtbij Nederland” (NTR; Radio 5). About political preference and conspiracy beliefs (22 May 2013) 

- Interview BNR Nieuwsradio. About the influence of surveillance cameras on intervention behavior (24 October 2013).

- Studio guest Live in “ Pavlov”  (NTR; Radio 1), item on the influence of surveillance cameras on intervention behavior. (26 October 2013). 

- Radio Health Journal (aired on 490 radio stations nationally in the USA), item on the Bystander effect. (9 March 2014).  Link  

- Studio guest Live in “De nieuws BV” (BNNVARA; Radio 1). About conspiracy beliefs following missing Malaysian airlines flight 370. (19 March 2014).

- Interview “Dit is de Nacht”(Radio 1). About mine workers trapped, exactly four years ago. (5 August 2014).

-  Studio guest Live “Eenvandaag” (NOS, Radio 1). About belief in conspiracy theories. (2 February 2015).  Listen here

-  Studio guest Live “BNR Nieuwsradio”. About belief in conspiracy theories . (17 February 2015). 

- Interview Radio 2. About apologies construction companies following the bridge-building accident in Alphen aan den Rijn. (12 August 2015).

- Interview RTV Emmen. About benefits and drawbacks of complaining. (16 September 2015).

- Interview Radio 2. About complaining (22 September 2015).

- Interview Radio 1. About why people seek suspense (e.g., Halloween)(30 October 2015). 

- Interview KRO radio (NPO radio 4). About belief in conspiracy theories. (2 Augustus 2016)

- Interview BNR Nieuwsradio. About 9-11 conspiracy theories (9 September 2016).

- Interview Radio Swammerdam (Amsterdam FM). About conspiracy theories (19 February 2017).

- Interview Eenvandaag (Radio 1). About ethics of Reality Program “Dat wordt oorlog”. (25 April 2017).

- Interview ‘Nooit meer slapen’ (Radio 1). About Reality Program “Dat wordt oorlog) (25 April 2017).

- Interview Eenvandaag (Radio 1). About helping in emergency situations. (4 September 2017).

- Radio Interview “Quirks & Quarks” (CBC Radio, Canada). Interview about conspiracy theories. (18 November 2017). Listen HERE

- Interview BNR Nieuwsradio. About group pressure. (21 December 2017).

- Radio Interview “Radio New Zealand” (2 September 2018). About Qanon. Listen HERE

Newspaper interviews:

-  De volkskrant (interview on conspiracy beliefs; January 16, 2010)

-  Nederlands Dagblad (interview on conspiracy beliefs; January 18, 2010)

- De pers (interview on conspiracy beliefs; 10 september 2010)

- Metro (interview on help programs; 7 Februari 2011)

- Viva (interview on help programs, “Help! We zijn leedverslaafd”; 8 to 14 April 2011)

- Spits (interview on moral outrage towards child rapists; 8 April 2011)

- HDC Media (various Newspapers: Noordhollands Dagblad, Haarlems Dagblad, Leidsch Dagblad, IJmuider Courant, and De Gooi- en Eemlander); Interview on conformity of idols, in the context of tattoos.

- De volkskrant (interview on system justification; December 21, 2011)

- Quest (interview on conspiracy beliefs; June issue 2012)

- Trouw (front page; interview on political preference and conspiracy beliefs; 22 May 2013

- Ad Valvas (nr 17, 30 April 2014; interview on conspiracy beliefs; picture on front cover).

- Tranz (#3, Mei 2014; interview on conflict)

- NRC Handelsblad (interview about “power, politics, and paranoia” book; 1 August, 2014; also printed in NRC Next, 7 August 2014)

-  Mare, 2015 (nr. 18, Interview about conspiracy theories; 5 February 2015). 

- NRC Handelsblad, “Het zal wel weer verzonnen zijn” (Interview about conspiracy theories; 16 February 2015)

- Quest (26 February 2015). Online

-  Time (15 August 2015). Interview about belief in conspiracy theories. Read HERE

- Algemeen Dagblad (AD; 19 November 2015). Interview about belief in conspiracy theories following the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks. Read HERE
-  Elsevier (21 Mei 2016). “Dat kan geen toeval zijn”, Interview about belief in conspiracy theories (pp. 24-25).

- Volkrant (26 November 2016). “Complotdenken is anno 2016 weer heel normaal” (interview about conspiracy theories).

- Statnews (US, 8 March 2017). “How psychology makes sense of Trump’s conspiracy theories” (interview about conspiracy theories). Online:

- RTL nieuws (14 March 2017). Interview about how to de-escalate the Dutch-Turkish conflict. Online:

- (25 April 2017). The dark allure of conspiracy theories, explained by a psychologist. (Interview). Online:

-  Volkskrant (26 April 2017). Mensen tegen elkaar opzetten voor een TV programma, gaat dat te ver? (Interview about Reality Program “Dat wordt oorlog”)

- Motherboard (3 May 2017). Waarom iedereen een complotdenker is en niet alleen aluhoedjes. (Interview). Online:

- (5 June 2017). Why conspiracy theories are so incredibly common. (Interview). LINK 

- Associated Press (11 August 2017). Short interview about fear for Fipronil-eggs. Various sites (e.g. LINK

- Parool (2 September 2017). Als scepsis uitgroeit tot paranoia (Interview about conspiracy theories).

-  USA today (23 December 2017). Interview about conspiracy theories. Online 

- Quest Psychologie (Winternummer 1, 2018). Ik stond erbij en keek ernaar (Interview about the Bystander effect).

- De correspondent (25 April 2018). Interview about conspiracy theories. LINK  

-  Kijk (nr 12, 2018). “Niets is wat het lijkt”. Interview about conspiracy theories.

-  NRC Handelsblad (24 December 2018). “Ook de oude Grieken waren al dol op een goed complot”. Interview about conspiracy theories. LINK

Public debates:

-  Speaker during debate night on hate mail; “Onbegane grond”, Amsterdam (22 July 2009)

-  Panel member and discussant during debate night on Belief in Conspiracy Theories; de Balie, Amsterdam (18 January 2010)

-  Discussant about bystander intervention during debate night “Duivelse dilemma’s: Getuige”; De Balie, Amsterdam (14 December 2011)

-  Public interview and debate NWO closing conference “conflict and security” about political paranoia (21 May 2014).

- Ad Valvas (Nr. 15, 25 Maart 2015). Rondetafelgesprek “vertrouwen in de wetenschap”.

- Public interview at Theatre play “de allesgelover” about conspiracy beliefs; Bellevue Theater, Amsterdam (17 March 2016).

- Public interview and debate about belief in conspiracy theories; Kenniscafé Almere (28 October 2016).

-  Public Interview about Conspiracy Theories; Museum Naturalis Boerhaave, Halloween Science Horror Night. (26 October 2018).