2002: PhD thesis "procedural justice and group dynamics". (Leiden University)

1994 – 1998: Psychology (Leiden University; graduated at the department Social and Organizational Psychology and at the department Psychometrics and Research methodology

1987 – 1994: High school (Gymnasium, Johannes Calvijn, Rotterdam)

Academic positions:

2011-present: Senior researcher at the NSCR (Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime  and Law Enforcement; 1 day a week) 

2007-present: Associate professor, Department of Social & Organizational Psychology, VU Amsterdam (tenured)

2001-2007: Assistant professor, Department of Social Psychology, VU Amsterdam (tenured since 2004)

1998-2001: PhD student, Leiden University and VU Amsterdam

1998: Research assistant, Leiden University

Visiting scholar:

2018: Vienna University of Economics and Business

2017: Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogjakarta, Indonesia

2016: London Business School, London

2015: IESEG School of Management, Paris, France

2013: University of Kent, Canterbury

2012: UCP-FCEE, Lisbon, Portugal

2011: UCP-FCEE, Lisbon, Portugal

2009: UCP-FCEE, Lisbon, Portugal

2008: UCP-FCEE, Lisbon, Portugal

2002: Tulane University, New Orleans, USA

2002: Duke University, Durham, USA

2002: New York University, New   York, USA

Honors and Awards:

2016-2018: President of International Society for Justice research (ISJR)

2018:  Excellence in Teaching Award of the sections Social Psychology and and Work & Organizational Psychology, VU Amsterdam

2014:  Excellence in Teaching Award of the department of Social and Organizational Psychology, VU Amsterdam

2012:  The article “Be aware to care: Public self-awareness leads to a reversal of the bystander effect” by Van Bommel, Van Prooijen, Elffers, and Van Lange (JESP, 2012) won the Quellinus-award for the best article first-authored by a PhD student within the Phoolan Devi institute.

2006:   Early Career Achievement Award of the International Society for Justice Research (ISJR); presented at the 14th ISJR Conference in Berlin, August 5, 2006 

1998:   J. P. van der Geer-Award for the best Master’s thesis of the psychology department (Leiden University)


2018: International norm violations, punishment and war. IOVIS Centre for Peace and Conflict (Wagner, Hola, van Prooijen, & Werner; € 15.000,=)

2017: Radicalisering en problematische jeugdgroepen: Het groepsaspect van de “Crime-Terror Nexus”. Nationaal Coordinator Terrorismebestrijding en Veiligheid; Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie (Ljujic, Weerman, Van Prooijen, & Neve; € 49.405)

2016: Virtual reality als middel om inbrekers te doorgronden. Politie en Wetenschap (van Prooijen, van Gelder, van Sintemaartensdijk, & van Lange; € 60.000)

2016: Innovative analysis of economic drivers: How real and perceived socio-economic inequalities affect involvement in terrorism. Work Package 2.4 of approved Horizon 2020 application “PROTON” (Weerman, van Prooijen, Eichelsheim, & Bijleveld; approx. € 100.000)

2016: The virtual burglary project: Using virtual burglary to understand and prevent residential burglary. Research funding from the Dutch Ministry of Justice (van Gelder, van Prooijen, & Nee; € 100.000,=)

2013: Invloed van andere omstanders op de kwaliteit van ooggetuigen verklaringen" ("Influence of other bystanders on the quality of eyewitness testimonies" ).  Phoolan Devi Grant to support a 1-year post-doc for Marco van Bommel  (Van Prooijen, Van Bommel, Elffers, & Van Lange; approx. € 32.000).

2013: Self-control and the slippery slope of corruption. NWO Research Talent Grant to support the PhD project of Nils Kobis (Van Prooijen & Van Lange; € 168.735,=)

2012: De randvoorwaarden van procedurele rechtvaardigheid: Valkuilen voor het functioneren van “prettig contact met de overheid” Research proposal funded by the Ministry of the Interior (Van Prooijen & Dechesne; € 24.900,=)

2012: Dual outcome-motivation to uphold democratic values. Research grant from the Swiss National Fund for a 12 Month Post-Doc (Pereira & van Prooijen)

2010: Political paranoia in times of economic uncertainty. NWO Conflict & Security Fast Track Grant for a 2-year Post Doc (Van Prooijen, Jostmann, Vuolevi , & Van Lange; € 165.000,=)

2009: Ingrijpen of niet. Een kwestie van “mixed feelings”? NSCR funding for a 4-year PhD student (Van Lange, Elffers, Van Prooijen, & Reynald; approx. € 200.000,=)

2003: Social cognition in the relation between group characteristics and procedural justice (VU Amsterdam, dept Social Psychology: Internal funding for a PhD student  (Van Prooijen; approx. € 170.000,=)

1998-2004: Various small grants (NWO SIR-scholarship; Travel grant NWO for a short study visit to the US; EAESP Seedcorn Research Grant; VU Amsterdam Travel Fund; SPSSI Travel Award)                                 

Editorial activities:

Chief or Associate Editorships:

2015-present: Associate editor; PSPB

2017-2018: Guest Editor special issue EJSP: “Conspiracy theories as a social-psychological phenomenon”

2014-2017: Associate editor; SJR

2010-2012: Associate Editor; EJSP

2009-2010: Editor-in-chief; Jaarboek Sociale Psychologie deel 9

Consulting Editorships or Editorial Board Member:

2019-present: Editorial board member; JPSP-ASC

2012-present: Editorial board member; Psychological Science

2007-2016: Consulting Editor; Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice

2011-2014: Editorial board member; SJR

2010-2014: Consulting Editor; JPSP-IRGP

Administration and committees:

Departmental service activities (VU Amsterdam):

2016-present: Teaching director of the Research Master in Social Psychology

2014-2016: Coordinator equipment fund applications

2009-2014: Teaching Coordinator Social Psychology

2009-2014; 2015-: Coordinator of the Research Master in Social Psychology

2009-2014: Member of the department’s Management Team

2007-2010; 2014-2015; 20178-2018: Coordinator Applied Master’s program

2007-2008: Coordinator of master’s theses and internships

2002-2009: Public relations coordinator

2006-2007: Colloquium organizer

2005-2006: Member of the work distribution committee

2005-2006: Member of the administrative advisory committee (“Dagelijks bestuur”)

2004-2006: Brown Bag Lunch Coordinator

2004-present: Member of various hiring committees

2002-2004: Introductory lectures at information days psychology

Faculty-level service activities (VU Amsterdam):

2009-2015: Member of William James Graduate School’s Exam Committee

2009-2011 and 2013: Member of William James Graduate School’s Teaching Committee

2009-2011: Member of the Faculty’s ethical and scientific review board (VCWE)

2010: Member of a Faculty’s work group to develop evaluation forms for all departments.

Member of PhD dissertation committees:

2005--Dr. Susanne Peters (Utrecht University). The social psychology of being better off than others

2007--Dr. Maureen Tumewu (Utrecht University). The social psychology of gender differences and procedural justice in close relationships

2008--Dr. Chris Reinders-Folmer (VU Amsterdam). Cooperation and communication: Plastic goals and social roles. (reading committee only)

2009--Dr. Bart Terwel (Leiden University). Origins and consequences of public trust: Towards an understanding of public acceptance of carbon dioxide capture and storage.

2009--Dr. Anthon Klapwijk (VU Amsterdam). The power of interpersonal generosity

2010--Dr. Ron Broeders (Utrecht University). On situated and embodied knowledge regarding moral issues

2010--Dr. Philip Miles (Utrecht University). Treatment fairness and group norms in times of turmoil: Implications for employee well-being.

2010--Dr. Petra Hopman (VU Amsterdam). Group members reflecting on intergroup relations

2011--Dr. Joel Vuolevi (VU Amsterdam). Incomplete information in social interactions

2011--Dr. Francesca Righetti (VU Amsterdam). Self-regulation in interpersonal interactions: Two regulatory selves at work.

2013--Dr. Michael James Wood (University of Kent). Connection and contradictions: The social psychology of conspiracy theories. 

2015--Dr. Seval Gundemir (VU Amsterdam). The Minority Glass Ceiling Hypothesis: Exploring reasons and remedies for the underrepresentation of racial-ethnic minorities in leadership positions (reading committee only)

2015--Dr. Maarten de Backer (University of Leuven, Belgium). Justice in sports teams: Consequences and antecedents of players’ perceived fairness of the coach

2017--Willem Sleegers (University of Tilburg). Meaning and pupillometry

2018--Mariko Visserman (VU Amsterdam). The art of sacrifice: Self-other dilemmas, biased perceptions, and the emergence of gratitude

External committees

2018-present: Educational director of KLI

2015-present: Executive board member ISJR (President from 2016 to 2018)

2015-present: Member of the ASPO-board

2013-2018: Member of the KLI teaching committee

2017--Member of WODC Research advisory committee “Supervision styles to decrease incidents among immigrants in asylum centers”

2012-present--Member of the management team of A-lab (fka Phoolan Devi)

2014--NWO MaGW Research talent grant committee

2013-2015--Member of Research Advisory committee Onderzoek Nieuwe Zaaksbehandeling (Ministry of the interior)

2012--Member of the 2012 ISJR Early Career Award committee  

2012--KLI conference: Best-Paper Award Committee

2010--Independent auditor to check and approve of ISJR financial accounts over a two-year period

2009--Chair of ASPO Jaarboek Best Paper Award Committee

2008-2010--Member of Ministry of Justice-WODC research advisory committee, De Awb en burgers; ervaringen met bezwaarschriftprocedures in de praktijk.

2008-2009--Member of Ministry of Justice-WODC research advisory committee, Evaluatieonderzoek stichting geschillencommissie consumentenzaken.

2008--Member of the 2008 ISJR Early Career Award Committee.

2006--Program committee member of the 2006 ISJR Conference, Berlin


2018: Organization of Symposium “Legal Psychology” at ASPO conference, 13 December 2018 (together with Lotte van Dillen).

2017--Organization of ASPO conference, 14 and 15 December 2017 (Chair).

2017--Organization of Panel entitled Conspiracy theories and radical politics, 29 July 2017 (COST conspiracy conference, Tübingen, Germany)

2017--Coordinator of KLI course “Neuroscientific methods in social psychology” (taught by Dr. Dirk Heslenfeld and Dr. Leander van der Meij)

2016--Symposium entitled Conspiracy theories in social representations of history; organized for COST Action conference “Agents through Time”, 8 July 2016 Limerick, Ireland. (Van Prooijen & Douglas).  

2015--Organization of the departmental mini-conference (together with Dr. Janneke Oostrom); dept S&O psychology, VU Amsterdam.

2015--Coordinator of KLI course “Neuroscientific methods in social psychology” (taught by Dr. Dirk Heslenfeld and Dr. Leander van der Meij) 

2014--Organization of Symposium for the 10th year Anniversary of the Research Master’s Program, VU Amsterdam (Chair; 7 July 2014)

2014--Symposium entitled Making sense of the world through justice judgments, organized for ISJR conference, New York, June 2014 (Stroebe & van Prooijen).

2012--Symposium entitled A process-oriented view on sense-making of victimization, organized for ISJR conference, Israel; September 2012 (Bal & van Prooijen)

2012--Organization of conference “Power, Politics, and Paranoia”, 13 and 14 July 2012, Amsterdam (Van Prooijen & Van Lange)

2011--Symposium entitled Social identity and reactions to unfair treatment of others (Cojuharenco, Patient, & Van Prooijen), organized for SIOP conference, Chicago; 16 April 2011.           

2009-2010--Coordinator of KLI course “Programming in Authorware” (taught by Daniel Lakens and Chris Reinders-Folmer)

2002--Organization of a workshop funded by the Kurt Lewin Institute (a research school recognized by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, the NWO) with Prof. Dr. T. Tyler (New York University, US), entitled New directions in social justice research.

2002--Symposium entitled The work of future justice researchers: Exploring the antecedents of justice judgments (Van Prooijen & Miedema), organized for the “IXth international social justice conference”, June 2002, Skovde, Sweden.  


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